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Your floral design & business skills will thank you!

Are you ready for your business to bloom to a whole new level?

It's time for you to sew the seeds of success that you've been planting.
It's time to become an Intrigue Apprentice Member! 

You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to over $10,000 of floral & business education on the Intrigue Teaches website with the click of a button. Plus, a 30% discount on all live events.

What does it mean to be an Intrigue Apprentice Member?
#1: Access to all FLORAL TUTORIALS & COUNT SHEETS on the Intrigue Teaches website.
#2: Access to all BUSINESS COURSES on the Intrigue Teaches website.

#3: 30% discount to attend LIVE EVENTS hosted by Intrigue Teaches.

Want to continue learning, improving and growing all year round?...THIS is the place to be! 

As an Intrigue Apprentice Member, you will receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL of the floral tutorials, business courses, guest segments, count sheets and quick tips on the Intrigue Teaches website! You will also receive a 30% discount to all of our live events. Our online educational content is always increasing. As long as you are an Apprentice Member, you’ll get ALL new content at no extra charge! 

This membership is a game changer (or a business changer, if you will). As an Intrigue Apprentice Member, you have the opportunity to grow your business, your income, and continually renew your love of the flower industry all year long! 

Over $10,000 in virtual education, with add new material added regularly.


Yearly Membership: $1500
 AVAILABLE UNTIL FRIDAY ONLY - Lifetime Membership: $3000

Become an Intrigue Apprentice!
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